Sunday, July 24th, 2016

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Michael Baisden Leaving Cumulus Radio

Michael Baisden  Nationally syndicated afternoon radio host Michael Baisden is leaving radio and not entirely of his own volition, reports The Atlanta Journal Constitution/AccessAtlanta. Baisden, heard locally on Majic 107.5/97.5, reported this information via Twitter yesterday morning.

His final day was supposed to be Friday, March 29. Baisden and comedian co-host George Willborn were supposed to begin the farewells after 10 years on radio on yesterday’s show.

However, AccessAtlanta reports that when Baisden arrived at Cumulus radio studios to begin his broadcast, he discovered that he had been locked out and a repeat show was aired.

It’s not clear whether Baisden will get the opportunity to bid his audience farewell on the Cumulus network, but he is using his massive social media following to share his thoughts about the situation and hint at possible future plans.

“All their action does is make me more determined than ever to come back! And next time there will be no middlemen between me, my affiliates, and my listeners. Lesson learned! I’ll miss you family, stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for my daily inspiration post and updates on the return of The MB Show! The journey continues!!!”

AccessAtlanta reports that Radio Facts says Cumulus is upset because Baisden released information about his pending departure before negotiations were over, which is why they locked him out of his studios.

Baisden, an author and speaker who loves talking about relationships on the air, has been hosting a radio show since 2003. He organized a rally for the Jena Six in 2007 and was a supporter of President Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008.

He was first heard on Atlanta radio on what was then known as Grown Folks 102.5, which was an amalgam of R&B and talk. He migrated to Majic in 2009 when Radio One dropped smooth jazz at 107.5.

Baisden’s departure creates a potential opening for Frank Ski, who left V-103 because CBS couldn’t provide him a syndicated show. Ski is currently pitching a syndicated show. (Ski didn’t proffer any insight into that possbility.)

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  1. DMario Isajürk says:


  2. Resia Williams says:

    That's a DANG shame! His truly is the best radio show on the air. Who can listeners contact to express our disappointment? His show is uplifting, enlighing, impowering, funny and the music…. Owah DAMN1

  3. He Had Too Much Power And Did The Right Thing With That Power. We Know The Real Reason Some People Don't Want His Radio Show To Air, He Wanted To Up Lift People And To Make Them Think. He Worked Hard For President Obama So You Know That SomePeople Were Out To Get Him. I Pray That He Will Come Back Bigger And Better Than Ever. I Hope That All Of The People That Loved His Show Will Do The Same!

  4. how many shows can you do about people being freaks and slepping with each other. I applaud him for staying on Jena and the injustice but 75% of the show was basic salon talk. Advertisers want valid info to promote sales and make listeners by. its not shop talk its business.if your not selling product you have to bring in new players. he's right do a facebook fan page for your fans. advertisers want return on investment. frank wanda warren michael etc are old enough to understand that.

  5. Not liking this at all , OK what's really behind this mess!

  6. that's some fraggaknackle bull!

  7. The kkk has changed their tactics

  8. The kkk has changed their tactics

  9. Patricia Fleming says:

    Baisden is a racist, in the simplest of terms. He should have been taken off the air years ago. He promotes hate not acceptance.

    • Hugh English says:

      Who is more racist than you white people for all that you people done to the black race you no want us to accept.Accept what?slavery a the callousness which you people serve on must be sick in your mind.

    • Mrs'Lady Sohappytobeme says:

      hugh you sound stupid as fuck wveryone that has white skin didnt own slaves or participate in that!!! my mother is irish and her people migrated here AFTER slavery!!! and didnt even live down south……oh by the way patricia fleming has three bi racial children……Hugh English you are sick in your mind!!! im glad they pulled his show bout damn time

    • Patricia Fleming says:


    • Patricia Fleming says:

      Hugh English You obviously have no idea what racism really is, but you are quite eloquent at it. HUGH ENGLISH, YOU ARE A RACIST! oh, and a moron too. "acceptance" used in the sentence refers to accepting each other as Jesus accepted everyone. Accept and celebrate the differences in the various cultures, not hate because of the differences.

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