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Saturday, April 25th, 2015

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‘Entourage’ Movie Gets Much Bro Love

entourage movieEvery movie, no matter how accessible or far reaching, will speak with special volume to one specific demographic. History buffs will cheer the loudest for Lincoln. Sci-fi aficionados foster the strongest anticipation for Star Trek Into Darkness. And as for the newly announced Entourage movie goes, well, that one has the bros.

That’s right, bros the world over (meaning Long Island and certain parts of Los Angeles) are vocalizing their eloquent reactions to the HBO series finally hitting the big screen. While many are on board with Vincent Chase and his retinue taking their sunglassed follies to theaters, a handful are responding with a surprising amount of pessimism.

The Hollywood.com staff has mustered its own assortment of bros, calling out to its real life frat brothers, high school pals with whom they had all but lost touch, and fellow laundromat patrons to put together this list of authentic reactions to Warner Brothers’ green light of the Entourage movie:

(All brotations are transcribed exactly as they have been brovided.)

“I bet it sux.” – Andrew J.

“i think its a good idea when does it come out? … is there a trailer?” – Giovanni N.

“i like it, prob gonna be weak tho” – Scott P.

“i would love to see it – that and queens blvd” – Jacob N.

“What … were they trying to do with the tv finale anyway. They decided ‘Oh let’s just end it by giving everybody a happy ending.’ Vince gets a girlfriend and marries her two episodes later? Drama, DRAMA, gets a career? This isn’t a ‘Wonderful Life.’ They already messed up the ending once. A movie won’t help that. Could you even call that a movie? What would it even be about???” – Rick J.

“I think it’ll either be just good, or miss terribly.” – Evan R.

“Is it 2007? Do we need this movie?” – Matt V…

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