Philadelphia Museum Unveils ‘The Mary Wilson Supremes Collection’


The African American Museum of Philadelphia opens its highly anticipated exhibit today, titled, Come See About Me: The Mary Wilson Supremes Collection.

Mary Wilson is an icon after decades in the spotlight and the new exhibit showcases 30 gowns from her time with the phenomenal Supremes, as well as rarely seen video footage, gold records, photographs and more.

But Wilson says it’s about more than just chiffon and sequins. “It’s about pop history and it’s also about American history and it’s also about Black history,” she said. “It’s about all of those things – it’s about America through music.”

Wilson says the gowns are symbols of women’s rights, music during the civil rights movement, and popular culture.

“It was exciting when we would buy gowns, it was exciting when we were going to a show and trying to figure out ‘which one are we going to wear?’” she said.

She says she cannot choose a favorite gown, but her most memorable ones are tied to events and the times when her dreams collided with reality. Like the 30-pound, bejeweled “Queen Mother” gowns the group wore when they met the Queen Mother Elizabeth and the royal family of England in 1968…

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