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Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Yandy Smith’s Boyfriend Mandeecees on Trial for Sexual Assault

Yandi Smith's baby daddy is an alleged sex offender Yandy Smith’s baby daddy Mandeecees is preparing to stand trial for having sex with his baby mamma’s 15-year-old daughter, but Yandy claims she has everything under control.

The third season of Love and Hip Hop New York has just kicked off and while we were all excited to see Yandy become a mom, the news has been ruined now that the baby’s father has been accusing of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl.

Later this month Yandy’s boyfriend will have his day in court after he allegedly engaged in “inappropriate sexual acts” with a minor two years ago.

As if messing around with a minor wasn’t bad enough, the young girl in question is reoportedly the daughter of Mandeecees’ first child’s mother… a.k.a. his son’s sister.

Technically, this does mean that the girl isn’t actually his blood daughter but rather he was simply a father figure to her at one point (either way, it’s downright wrong and disgusting).

Wednesday the courts began putting together a jury for the trial in Hackensack.

The 34-year-old New York native allegedly touched the young girl inappropriately at his home in Lodi before he “asked for asked for and received ‘mouth’ sex from the girl and ‘touched’ her on various occasions between September 2009 and April 2010” according to North Jersey News.

Yandi Smith's boyfriend had sex with 15 year old daughter? The Love & Hip Hop star’s baby daddy is facing up to 20 years in jail after being slammed with sexual assault, criminal sexual contact and child endangerment charges.

Despite being a mother herself, Yandy is standing by her man through all the drama and isn’t afraid to show it.

Fans have been tweeting Smith encouraging words and the reality star has been quick to RT every single last message she received.

“I’m here for you sis,” one of the RT’s read. “I love you very much and praying God blesses you & keeps you in perfect peace! GOD BLESS/LOVE YOU.”

Another RT read, “Just peeped @yandysmith mentions. I have no worries… I know she has this under control! Keep your head up & media out your business.”

Just for the record, Twitter is called a social MEDIA site for a reason so if she really wanted to keep her business out the hands of the media, she wouldn’t be putting it all over Twitter (or on national television for that matter).

Either way, what’s done is done and we know all about it Yandy.

Yandy shows new side on new season of Love and Hip Hop We also know that the young business woman wants to be seen in a different light on the show this year.

During previous seasons of LHH Smith was known as determined business woman on a mission to grab money and success and was previously Jim Jones’ manager.

With the start of a new season though, comes a new Yandy – Yandy as a soft, sensitive mother.

The starlet wants her fans to see her loving relationship with her beautiful son Omere instead of the cold paper chaser she was before.

“Last season I was completely closed and I didn’t want any of my personal life (no mom, no dad, no man, nothing) on the show,” Mandeecees’ girlfriend said. “I wanted season 2 to be focused on my business.”

For the new season, however, it’s all about family.

Yandi Smith shares pics of baby on Instagram “This season you see more of my family and what we go through being in the business and all that stuff,” she added.

Despite Mandeecees emerging as a sex offender, the new mommy also insists that the reality star is a good father and a good man.

“Baby Omere has just gotten us so much closer because I see how much he loves him and how much he wants to protect him, and that just makes me love him more,” Omere’s mommy said.

Even Mandeecees was surprised to see the change in Mrs. Smith claiming seeing her going from a hard cord business savvy woman to a warm spirited mother was a “big change, but it’s cool.”

What’s not cool, however, is putting your hands all over an underaged minor… especially one who was practically family. The courts are scheduled to have a full jury put together soon and then the alleged sex offender will have his day in court.


  1. I know you want to support your man but be sure about those allegations.

  2. Wow all bad he looks like the type thou just all bad

  3. Stand by your man Yandy..time will tell I hope it's not true cause his kids need him in their life….#praying for you..

  4. keep your head up god has your back. keep praying he never let you down.

  5. innocent until proven guilty.

  6. Omg this is terrible it sounds to me that Mendecess is being hated on a cold case of the ex using her daughter to bring Mendecess down if any of this is true why wouldent the girl speak out sooner why now yandi keep your head up please stick by your man and ill keep you and your beautiful family in my prayers

  7. I say yandy fight for what's yours stand by your man and don't let notthing get in your way of your happiness godbless you and your family girl godbless.

  8. People are just mad. I believe in you guys trust in God i love you yandy.

  9. Put him behind bars and let him get fucked in the ass and get raped punk bitch …..fucking that little girl …

  10. Diamond Pearl says:

    Smh he has his son…. but the mom is filing charges alledging some bs come on na seem like a hater baby moma tryna get him back

  11. The ex is using her hot ass child in her game.

  12. They always hatin on a family man thats tryin to do better for hisself and family then try to take it all away…..but Yandy keep ur head up boo cause i know he will beat that forreal…..

  13. I am wit you on this larena why now when he pops the question seems to me that the ex is making her daughter lie because she mad it ain't her I'm for wats right but this not adding up and me being a mom there is no way if my daughter came that it wouldn't have been handle sooner all I'm saying

  14. Maybe they will get the real truth out of the girl, they both need to come clean because truth concurs error. The devil will ride on you back! I pray they be released. It's too much mess in families today!

  15. I first kinda sorta didn't like Mandy at first. But she IS a strong Black Women, doing great and blessed. and I don't want to see her go through that! Sho got to pray to with stand the wilds of Satan.

  16. Cherish MrsSeven FigureDreams says:

    Keep your head up boo I don't think he did it just a hating ass bm

  17. Yandy, girl keep your head up stay strong and bless he is only human hear his side first

  18. Take this to the steve wilko show and u will find the truth!!!

  19. Kami Moonchild says:

    Guilty until proven innocent when it comes to a black man, but you never know men sexually abuse their own daughters so what makes us think he didn't molest his baby mommas daughter?

  20. Leasha White says:

    innocent until proven guilty right? geeze! What I have a hard time with is…If that mother thought for a second he did that why did she later, after 2010, allow her child to appear on the show with Mendici and Yandi? hmmm

  21. how much you want to bet that if he was still with that first baby mother that this wouldn't be happening but because he have a new family that's how they do when its someone new and thats not right

  22. If this is a lie theye need to charge her with lying, but if he did that's sick u raised that little girl .may god be with u only them three know the truth

  23. That is so nasty inappropriate behavior

  24. In this country, we are innocent till proven guilty. When the shoes of the judicial system are on your feet (and trust it is not hard to go from free to captive), we will see what you will have to say then. STOP judging and let the man have his day in court. Funny, why wait to bring charges when the man is on TV??? See, the comments can go both ways!!!! So, in saying all of this, I encourage you Taylor Gordon to leave judgment to GOD and HIM alone, for HE is the ONLY ONE WHO JUDGES RIGHTEOUSLY!!!!

  25. Indigo Blue says:

    If the charges are true, then you pay when you play!

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