Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

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Did Kim Zolciak Call the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' the N-word?

Kim Zolciak uses racial slurKim Zolciak is being accused by her former cast mates of using the N-word as she walked off the set of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ for the last time. It all started after Kim was verbally attacked by her cast mates for backing out of the trip to Anguilla. A trip that was planned around her schedule. A trip that she probably had no desire to take in the first place. Some of the ladies, including NeNe Leakes, have alleged that Kim went overboard in her response to the fight and retaliated by using the N-word.

Kim hasn’t been seen much during season 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Being pregnant again, newly married, and new mother to her son Kash cannot be easy for the blonde and it’s understandable why she might not have wanted to go. But many of the ‘Housewives’ had similar commitments and still managed to take time out for the trip.

Phaedra Parks kept a level head and brought it to Kim’s attention that the group collectively noticed that the new Mrs. Biermann wasn’t as eager to spend time with them since her new marriage. But, NeNe and Kandi Burruss let loose and gave Kim a piece of their mind. At that point, Kim finally broke down and told them what they all probably already knew to be true–she didn’t want to go with them to Anguilla and she didn’t feel like much of anyone at that table was truly her friend. And with that, she stormed off set–and said the N-word as her final goodbye?

Not so fast. Ms. Zolciak has taken to Twitter to refute those claims, mostly made by NeNe via her Twitter account. Kim denies that she ever used that word, instead insisting what she did say was “f-king ladies”…not the N-word.

Phaedra in thong bathing sureOutside of Kim possibly using the N-word, she isn’t the only ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ that has brought the drama this season. Kenya Moore has shown herself to be shameless in her flirtation with the other women’s husbands and relentless in her quest to become a wife. She even went so far as to imitate a stripper, dancing on Cynthia Bailey’s husband Peter while the other ‘Housewives’ looked on. This prompted southern belle Phaedra to throw manners to the wind as she showed up at breakfast with a fishnet overlay and thong bathing suit. Now, everyone knows why her husband Apollo has his eyes on her; and only  her.

All this drama begs the question: Can a group of women be friends without craziness abounding?

We sure can! It’s true that sometimes the lines between reality and reality TV seem to blur. And, even though shows such as the ‘Housewives’ franchise, The Bad Girls Club and other reality TV shows depicting women in various states of drama seem to get the most attention; most women would agree that their personal lives do not resemble that of the women on TV. Watching train-wreck reality TV can provide a nice escape from everyday life, but rarely does “reality TV” depict actual, normal life.

As for Zolciak, her new “reality” will continue next year on the Bravo show “Don’t Be Tardy…” As far as this new scandal over the whether or not Kim used the N-word–did she or didn’t she? While Kim has certainly been ridiculous on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, I don’t think she’s crazy enough to use the N-word on national television. Do you?

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  1. Yvonne Graham says:

    I heard her say the f word not the n word.

  2. I didn't hear it but I wouldn't put it pass her. I did read somewhere that when she was with Big Poppa, he used to call Sweetie all kinds of black this, black that, and use the "N" word. So if he did it in front of Kim, she did it. And between you and me, I find Kroy and his family to be quite the racist. You did notice how Kim has cut every black person out of her life since meeting and marrying Kroy right? Even Derek J who was doing her wig line. And now I hear she said she might want to come back for Season 6? Why? She needs money that's why. That ain't going to happen.

  3. I heard the n word- she first said these bit***s, then called the ladies ni**as! I dvr and reminded three or four times, even ask others to see if they heard what I heard! Kim lost major points!

    • Barbara Matthews says:

      I don't have a DV, but I could have sworn that was shat she said. It surprised me so much, I thought I was hearing things, so I called a friend who watches the show religiously to confirm/

  4. Marie A. Brooks says:

    No she would not and did not say that, stop stirring the pot. I am glad that she left them hanging at the table. They were in attack mode and all stirred up right then so why not walk off and leave them with their mouth open. LOL I like Phaedra and Kandi and surprised that they got drawn into that situation. If they had beef with Kim why not visit her and talk one on one instead of everybody attacking at one time? ummm are any of them friends or just associates who are on a show together? OK It is called show business for a reason.

  5. she did say the b word, and the f word, I did not here the n word, but I would not put it pass her I don't think her man likes black people, or her parents.

  6. Angel Daniels says:

    kim is so fake.

  7. As far as I am concerned they are so racist on this show I am proud of Kim for walking out. This picture of red headed homeless nene is so ugly wow.

    • Shauntel Glover says:

      They are not racist. Sorry darling, but you are completely off base. I have not heard one of them utter a disrespectful word to or about white people. Point blank period.


  8. Her nene is Leaking.

  9. I think it is quite possible that she did use the word because I've never forgotten the episode were she easily used the phrase "you people" (that's what's wrong…) That is only a step below.

  10. Who cares, she's a white woman in Atlanta who wears a wig. If it weren't for Kandi's song, no one would care.

  11. Kendra Sullivan Godin says:

    I loved this show so much yet I have watched NeNe tear apart each woman on this show. Why does NeNe feel threatened by these women and bullies them with non stop yelling and crass remarks. The only positive remarks she makes on a consistent basis are blowing her own horn and telling everyone how rich she is and important she thinks she has become. Racist? No, Hateful? Yes She cops an attitude depending on who is still talking to her and who she is with at that time. She was nasty to Sherry Whitfield and she chose to leave, now nasty to Kim and she has chose to leave. Maybe we should just call it The NeNe Housewife of Atlanta Show. Well, one night has become free as now I am chosing to leave the show also, leave it off! Please make a distinction of the names Kenya and Kendra. Many blogs of HWOA have viewers stating that Kendra is with Walter, no Kenya is with Walter (Lol) and Kendra was with Kim and evicted her and her family. You have promoted a fan base now that doesn't even know the characters. The loyalty is on the leaving train out of town. Too bad! It was good for a while. Dr Kendra Sullivan Godin.

  12. She's was always no good.

  13. If you closely listen you can obviously tell that she didn't say the N word however she does joke around about like the pool in Kandi's house but I don't believe she is racist neither do I believe Kroy is racist because he has African American football friends and I saw him congratulating everybody for their win with a hug. Honestly she said "These bitch are not my friends I don't know any of these fucking ladies anymore one day there one way the next another". But if you are African American I can see how you would believe that she did say that word because the whole big papa thing and then the pool comment. Just my thought believe it or not but it's the truth.

  14. yea, she said it. They blocked it out, but she said it.

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