NFL To Provide Benefits For Javon Belcher’s Daughter


The three-month-old daughter of former Kansas City linebacker Jovan Belcher, who murdered his girlfriend and then committed suicide on Dec. 1, will be financially supported by the NFL.

Zoey, who is now under the care of her grandmother — the mother of slain Kasandra Perkins — will benefit from the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, which allows Zoey’s guardian or her estate to receive $9,000 per month over the next four years, which amounts to $109,000 per year, according to

In the fifth year, she’ll receive $48,000. From then on, she’ll be given $52,000 per year each year until she turns 18 or 23, depending on whether or not she goes to college.

The infant was home on Saturday morning when Belcher shot Perkins before killing himself at the Chiefs’ practice facility. Before leaving the house, Belcher kissed Zoey.

The relationship between Belcher and Perkins had been strained, according to several media accounts, with constant arguments over myriad subjects, including money. The Chiefs were reportedly providing counseling for Belcher.

Zoey was present at a memorial service Thursday in Texas, where her great-uncle, Ted Downing, said: “She had a deep, deep understanding about the important things in life.”

A separate service will be held Saturday in Austin, followed by burial in nearby Pflugerville.

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