Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

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New Mom Tia Mowry Keeping Busy with ABC Holiday Movie, Yoga DVD

Tia Mowry gets back into the movie scene with a leading role in a holiday ABC Family movie and even joins the fitness business with Yoga DVD.

Having a 1-year-old boy to look after can keep a lady busy enough, but Tia Mowry isn’t ready to slow down when it comes to acting either.

The “Sister, Sister” star is back on the big screen as she stars in the ABC Family movie The Mistle-Tones.

According to the famous twin, the holiday movie is “fun-filled” and “heartfelt.”

“The Mistle-Tones is a fun-filled, cheerful, heartfelt holiday movie,” Mowry said. “I love it because it’s different from a lot of the ABC Family Original Movies that have been done, in the sense that it’s a musical!”

Tia will be putting her vocal skills to the test as she sings her heart out as a young lady whose love for Christmas stems from her mother who passed away.

“Her mom passed away, so she wants to keep that tradition alive, but unfortunately when she tries out for The Snow Belles Tori Spelling’s character doesn’t allow her in,” Cree’s mommy explained. “So she decides to create her own group – The Mistle-Tones.”

A musical may be a little different than her most popular acting roles in Twitches and Seventeen Again, but the Tia & Tamera reality star really enjoyed it.

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  1. This is pretty cool, considering we didn't hear from Tia for a while now. Is this going to be one of the movies from ABC Family's "25 Days of Christmas"? I have the Hopper set to record all of those, along with every primetime show from the ‘big four’ networks. The feature is called PrimeTime Anytime, and is a HUGE convenience if you are still working a lot during the holidays. I work late at DISH most nights, so having everything recorded and ready for me is a nice convenience. I also have one of the tuners set to record '25 Days', and love that I can store all the movies I want on the 2TB hard drive; I won't buy any of the old Christmas movies, I'll just record and store them until next year!

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