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Thursday, March 26th, 2015

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There Will Be Another Anne Frank Film

The posthumous publication of Anne Frank’s diary has made her by far the most famous victim of the Holocaust. History and lit classes the world over, as well as multiple movie and television adaptations of her diary, have kept her story alive over the decades. Now, another movie adaptation of her life is in the works. German companies Spectrum and Zeitsprung Pictures are teaming up with the Anne Frank Fonds to produce the film. It will be written by Fred Breinersdorfer, who is best known for writing Sophie Scholl: The Final Days, another movie about a girl murdered by the Nazi regime (of all the things to be typecast for…).

Unlike other works about Frank, the movie is not an adaptation of her diary, but rather a complete biographical picture that will draw from multiple sources, telling all that happened before the period of time Frank spent hiding from the Nazis with her family in an attic, and what happened after, when they were sent to concentration camps, where she later died. The movie, which does not yet have a director or cast, will shoot next year.

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