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Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

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Rumor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Play Batman?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s name has been dropped to play Batman in Justice League, the next superhero flick requiring big budgets and even bigger names. The rumor, unconfirmed of course, comes from the prominent blog of Drew McWeeny, who used a bit of critical thinking along with unspecified sources to draw this somewhat wild conclusion.

“They’re a long way from filming anything Justice League related,” wrote McWeeny, “but they appear to be solidifying deals for Gordon-Levitt and, potentially, at least one other actor from the Nolan films to do… something.”

“They,” of course refers to Warner Bros., the studio responsible for putting the DC heroes together in (hopefully) the same fashion as The Avengers. The film will distantly and faithfully follow the release of Man of Steel, a Superman reboot which is not due out until next summer. Still, names are being mentioned and deals are attempting to come into fruition. McWeeny hopes Warner will throw in a Batman appearance at the end of Man of Steel and begin creating a storyline as soon as possible.

“So let’s take what we know and speculate a little bit.” he wrote. “How crazy do you think fans would go if Superman were to take to the skies at the end of Man Of Steel, finally ready to fully accept his role as mankind’s most powerful protector, only to have the closing credits interrupted when something catches his attention and he swoops down out of that sky, landing on a rooftop where Jim Gordon stands next to the Bat-Signal, interrupting just as the new Batman arrives for a chat about Gotham’s latest problem?”

A bit of credit can be thrown McWeeny’s way for this sort of speculation. After all, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character of John Blake in The Dark Knight Rises was eventually revealed to be Robin while Christian Bale‘s Bruce Wayne was either revealed to be dead or retiring. At this point, it’s safe to assume anything is possible. Perhaps Bale’s name is the one included along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s in McWeeny’s unnamed source. Perhaps there is no unnamed source and this is all malarky.

With a distant 2015 release date and still plenty of ground to cover in terms of storyline, Justice League still has a long way to go. Still, for whatever reason, it’s not too difficult to imagine Joseph Gordon-Levitt donning the cape and cowl before jumping into the Batmobile. What do you think? Let us know and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.


  1. Irish Evans says:

    NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!
    If he DIDN’T star in tDKR, sure. But it’s too late. For once, Hollywood needs a sense of continuity and should keep him as Robin. Or even Terry McGinnis or fucking Nightwing. You just can’t (my fanboy is showing) go from Robin in tDKR to Batman in tJL. Fucking HATE it when they recycle actors. Like when Chris Evans played The Human Torch AND Captain America. Or when Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool AND Green Lantern. Or when Halle Berry played Catwoman AND Storm. Or when Natalie Portman… Or when James Marsden… FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU

    • JGL didn’t play as Robin, you moron! Watch the movie again, he played a character whose name was Robin Blake. And at the end of the movie, it shows that he continues the legacy of Batman by donning the costume! You’re an idiot!

      • Irish Evans says:

        First of all dipshit, he never wore the costume. He only had on some minor spelunking equipment. And second. do you seriously think that him only being named Robin, and Batman having a sidekick named Robin was just a coincidence? He may not have been the typical Robin character that everyone knows, but c’mon, his name was Robin and he was in a Batman movie. Are we gonna split hairs here? Besides, Robin never continued his legacy, Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond) did. The point is, it’s just plain bad casting for someone who was just in a Batman movie (and NOT as Batman), to suddenly be cast as Batman.

      • your a even more dipshit than the last one dipshit…batman beyond was never or not yet in the “cannon” main story line of batman. Dick grayson(robin, nightwing) also wore the bat suit while bruce was away. don’t believe?
        “While Wayne traveled through time to get back to the present, Dick Grayson became the new Batman. This was the second time he had taken on the mantle in Bruce Wayne’s absence; the first time was when Wayne was recovering from his broken back. After Wayne’s “death”, Grayson stated that he had no problem becoming Batman, but Wayne had left a prerecorded message telling him not to take up the mantle and to continue fighting crime as Nightwing with Robin at his side. Realizing that Gotham still needed the Dark Knight, Grayson retired his Nightwing mantle to become the new Batman. With Wayne’s return and plans to launch Batman worldwide, Grayson remained the Batman of Gotham City. After the events of Flashpoint, he returned to being Nightwing.”

        so for this movie it is possible to get him as batman but not as bruce wayne(which is having a nice well deserve vacation with catwoman; if we follow the current story). but the problem would be that superman and batman are not just colleagues but bruce wayne and clark kent are also friends. so the move might be possible but a BAD one. but if they cast him as bruce wayne, well I think I would still watch it..

    • Nick Delorie says:

      I could not agree more. Hollywood needs to quit recycling the same actors in these movies.

    • AwesomeHuman says:

      Well lets see. In the Dark Knight Trilogy it was stated several times that Batman is a symbol that will live on forever. Bruce Wayne set it up so when he is retires and dies Batman will still exist. Here comes John Blake. Bruce Wayne sees him as a worthy successor and leaves everything to him to carry on the Batman legend. The actual character ‘Robin’ does not exist in this world. The name of the character John Blake was a tribute to ‘Robin’ hence why his birth name is Robin. So at the end of The Dark Knight Rises it is clearly obvious that he becomes the new Batman as Bruce Wayne lives his life else where. I don’t understand why people aren’t understanding it.

      • daminashun says:

        because everyone is freakin stupid! John Blake clearly will become the next batman! Gordon-Levitt also read the script, or are people thinking HE has no idea who was left to be batman! some people should just stick to reading comments!

  2. Goatnuggets says:

    First and faremost these are just rumors, second, i wouldnt be surprised if hollywood is just that stupid. Gordon is perfect for Robin. its been established. But as for batman or bruce wayne they guy just doesnt fit the bill. Whats with hollywood anyway with casting short people for characters thats 6 foot tall or more!? i swear hollywood is run by a bunch of short insecure men. seem only the animated division get things right these days.

    Gordon is a great actor. one of my favorite but certainly no for bruce wayne/batman. As for Robin, absolutely.

  3. Nick Delorie says:

    Uhhh….WB has already announced that they have decided on Green Lantern as the next Batman. They werent content on Ryan Reynolds already playing Deadpool and Hal Jordan, so now he’s Batman too. Gordon-Levitt would make a ridiculous Caped Crusader. He was one of the many reasons why Dark Knight Rises sucked. You may as well cast Pauly Shore to wear the cape and cowl.

  4. Nick Delorie says:

    Gordon-Levitt was NOT right for Robin. You people really need to get out more. My dead Grandmother can act better than Joseph Gordon-Levitt! You want a decent Robin? Cast Shia Labeouf! He would have been soooooo much better.

  5. Dood you’ve got to be kidding about Shia Labeouf. I am not a serious Batman fan but will probably watch any Batman movie that is in theatres… But with him as Robin (my favorite character) I don’t think I would even watch it, lol… I like Leavitt as Robin and they should make a movie detailer more about Robin, who I think is a underrated fan favorite!

  6. As far as Robin playing Batman, those of you who are old enough will remember that Alfred played Batman in one episode of the Adam West series. I don’t think the Robin in Batman Rising would go far as himself, Robin was always a sidekick. Nightwing would work as a story break from the Batman persona, if the story is done as intelligently as the Nolan trilogy. However, as Stately Wayne Manor has now been given to the orphanage/boy’s home, Robin/Nightwing will have a tougher time operating out of the basement. And where will he get funding for all those wonderful toys? Of course, we could be dealing with another Dread Pirate Roberts syndrome as far as an imposter donning the Batmask…

  7. Nick Knight says:

    Uhh…this post is rather in vane, considering that Warner Bros. has already announced that Ryan Reynolds will be their next Batman. Aside from that though, it would be foolish to cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman, since he was clearly robin, in the deeply disappointing Dark Knight Rises.

  8. I think that JGL would be a great batman. We are going into the Batman Beyond era now. Remember fan boys that Bruce Wayne was Robin before he became Batman. I personally think that there shouldn’t be another Batman movie unless the Nolans’ are involved and Christian Bale reprises his role as Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. This trilogy is everything Batman needed to be and the Batman franchise doesn’t need to make anymore movies. JGL would be a great Batman but it would be next to impossible to picture the justice league without Bruce Wayne. We all need to get over the “Robin” John Blake Easter egg. That was just a wink at us fan boys from Nolan. There is so many different directions that they could take Batman after TDKR. JGL would make more sense to me as Knightwing. Think about JGL has the look to be Knightwing and the personality. I just hope that DC Comics and Warner Bros do not go and spoil the masterpiece that Nolan and his team have created. But knowing Hollywood they will pull another Batman franchise disaster IE. George Clooney casted as Bruce Wayne/Batman. I know that’s what is coming it may not be for a couple of years but I say that if Warner Bros really wants to do Justice League right they will have to write up two contracts sit down with Nolan and Bale and give them anything dollar amount they want. Because the only man I know that could pull of the Justice League right is Christopher Nolan.

  9. JesseLioce says:

    Hell no, a justice league without the founder BRUCE WAYNE, it would be outragious. Nolan’s version is a universe of it’s own. The trillogy’s done and let it so. Why are people trying to link the two? Also as a batman die hard fan for me there are only 3 robin’s: dick grayson, jason todd and tim drake. 5 if you count in stephanie brown and damian wayne. There’s no john blake, not as robin nor as the next batman. If you wanna make a dc cinematic universe with a jla then stay true to the comics that means BRUCE WAYNE AS BATMAN, not john blake so find another actor who can play batman. As for batman beyond, it wasn’t canon when it just came out, but is now, second famtastic four is not a part of the marvel cinematic universe as for the actor in question, he did great on both roles so why b*tch about it. As for the director nolan would just spin his own version, a justice league movie just like the batman trillogy is simply not possible nor should it be done in the same manner, nolan’s version was a “realistic” portrayal of the figure batman how it could have been in real life, how are you going to do that with an alien from krypton, a martian, a demi godess amazon, a marine from the intergalactic green lantern core, do i need to go on? Leave nolan’s trillogy for what it is and start fresh, trying to link the two would just screw things up

  10. I don’t have a problem with JGL taking on the roll of Batman. In the comics there were others that took on the role while Bruce was away or injured. I would rather see it continue into Justice League and connect all the movies together like Avengers did with their actors except for the fact that they Recast Norton as Hulk and war machine which I was extremely dissapointed. I think recasting and reboots are a drag, there’s too much of it going around like its some sort of fad, its pointless to retell the same old stories all over again. They are trying to reboot the Eric Draven story again for The Crow, which is the dumbest thing Ive ever heard, that movie was a classic and Brandon Lee died for that movie, I hope they don’t do it and change the character to someone else. I’m surprised Bale doesn’t want to do Justice League because that is probably going to be a huge film. I hope they have Ryan Renolds, Henry Cavill and I’ll take either Bale or JGL, either one would be fine with me but please no reboots or recasting!

  11. john paul albert says:

    I think JGL would be great as Nightwing or as Batman Beyond! But I also agree that he would not be a good classic Batman as in Justice League!

  12. No Joseph need his own super hero he should find the bat cave get an idea and become Nightwing while Nolan and bale come up with a story for batman going against the riddler and penguin the guy in TDK that get shot by the joker in the bank hold up scene at the beginning and the joker saying i quote I believe what doesn’t kill you make you stranger should become the riddler soooo ……. make Joseph his own hero nightwing too be fighting crime in gothem while bruce wayne is off healing and spending time with catwoman.

  13. mike oxbig says:

    ok shit really batman at the end of dkr lets alfred his father like figure see him change his life from batman to a normal guy at the cafe alfred told him about I’m sure to let the old fucker die in peace thinking happy thoughts the rest of his life… and the robin thing come on the movie ended with a possible ‘robin’ or ‘nightwing’ in a completely different cave look at the details… and if they were really being literal then the raoul dude would have been in the third movie alive because he is immortal in the dc-verse.

  14. he cant be batman no please. batman is bruce wayne. now am going to upset alot of people. the last of nolans batmans was rubbish. he went too far with the realism stuff. really didnt like it. fist time i watched it ,i thourght it was good. second and third time i watched it, i saw how bad it really was. am sorry but its just my opinion. nolan really has messed the whole thing up for everything to continue into the next films. levit cant be batman,he can be robin or nightwing,but not batman. if thay go with someone else as batman the fans will turn away in the hundreds and marvel will win again. stay true to the caracters is how marvel has been able to win at the movies,i know somethings where changed,but somethimgs have to be changed in movies. but they stayed as true as they could. next thing you know superman will be changing to someone else at the end of his film thanks to nolan. it was all tryed in the comics for batman to be someone else but it didnt work and in the movies it really wont work. batman is a very long running comic everyone in the whole world knows who he is. if he was real then yes it could be anyone,but its not real its just comics and movies. but its comics and movies with lots of history behind them and alot of memorys for lots of diferant people.

  15. I hope that they continue the Nolan saga. Robin starts his training and Batman comes back after a deserved vacation. The story is by no means over. It’s only the first phase of the Batman saga. He is not retired or at least in the original stories he isn’t and/or wouldn’t be done. If Nolan doesn’t doesn’t come back than I don’t want a reboot. Nolan is the only one who could do a live-action Robin along with Batman right. The next chapter is the relationship between Batman and Robin. Robin showed him that he was needed and why in TDKR but later in the story it’s Batman that has to mentor Robin as he begins his new role. It is basically what Batman and Robin should have been in 1997.

  16. Chris Connelly says:

    Heck no! Joseph Gordon-Levitt is too goofy looking, and not the greatest actor, by any means. The only superhero Gordon-Levitt should play, is The Toxic Avenger.

  17. The biggest flaws of making John Blake Batman are

    1) At the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Wayne gives everything to Alfred that wasn’t spent covering his debts from going broke. Blake ends up quitting the GCPD and is currently unemployed. So how is he supposed to afford to continue Batman’s war on crime?

    2) The Batcave is now under an ORPHANAGE!!

    • 1. An investment account that was kept off the books. Easy. Plus, you just said that he gave all of his money to Alfred. Who helps Batman?

      2. The X-Men’s lair is beneath the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. Doesn’t seem to bother anyone.

  18. george9448 says:

    OMG, I read these comments and it’s like War Of The Nerds A.K.A. you need to get a life.

  19. Ben Afflack says:

    matt damon! Matt Damon!! MATT DAMON!!!

  20. Yes, he should… for a little while. I would love to see Warner Bros expand Nolan’s world of Gotham and anchor the Dark Knight trilogy to Man of Steel and a broader DC universe. the Man of Steel trailer makes me feel like that is possible. Have JGL pick up the mantle of Batman, but have it be in the background. Do a Wonder Woman movie, Green Lantern reboot, Flash, etc. All the while, Batman (JGL) can make cameos in those films, perhaps shown in news footage fighting crime in Gotham, or perhaps even just mentioned as another guy who’s currently running around in tights catching bad guys. Just have enough to show us that he has kept doing Batman’s work.

    He can even be Batman at the start of the Justice League movie, and then it should end. Whatever danger they face, whatever threat is so grave that it causes Superman, Batman, etc to all form an alliance and save the Earth, it should be big enough that it forces Bruce Wayne out of retirement. Have Christian Bale come back as Batman, and let JGL finally assume his rightful role as Robin/Nightwing. The other characters don’t even have to know, other than Alfred. Fans would go nuts.

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