The Greenest Cities in America


1. Portland, Oregon
Portland literally has you covered with green space: one fourth of the city is shaded by tree canopy, and the ground itself features 288 parks — including the world’s smallest, the 24-inch-long Mill Ends Park. Portland also ranked at the top of the survey for its mass transit and near the top for its groovy, offbeat locals, known for their DIY spirit and cycling culture.


2. Savannah, Georgia
The winner in the parks category is old-school green, famous for its quaint, walkable streets and its 22 tree-lined squares, which date back to 1733. That relaxed, healthy atmosphere has apparently rubbed off on everyone else, too: the locals ranked near the top of the survey for being friendly, and the city won the category for romance.








3. Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota
Who cares about winter? With 46 miles of city bikeways and 84 miles of off-street paths, Minneapolis is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the nation, with a thriving community of people who bicycle to work year-round. If you would rather stay inside, check out one of the many eco-friendly restaurants, such as the Red Stag Supper Club, known for both its Slow Food Sundays and for being the first US restaurant illuminated entirely by LED lights.

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