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Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

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'Insidious Chapter 2' Given Green Light By Studio

The studio Film District has announced its intention to make a sequel 2011’s hit horror film Insidious. According to a recent article from The Playlist, leads Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson are set to reprise their starring roles, reuniting them with director James Wan.

It’s quite simple. Any studio will be more than willing to create a sequel as long as it has turned a profit. Insidious brought in $97 million in ticket sales alone on a $1.5 million dollar budget. It’s no surprise Film District is chomping at the bit for another suspenseful ghost film. The movie will be aptly titled Insidious Chapter 2, and is planned for released on July 19th.

Insidious Chapter 2 sill also bring back original screenplay writer Leigh Whannell, and supporting actors Lin Shaye and Ty Simpkins. It’ll pick up where the original Insidious left off, chronicling a family who looks to prevent evil spirits from keeping their son in a comatose state, claiming his spirit in the process.

Director James Wan has currently been working with Patrick Wilson on his current project The Conjuring, which follows a similar storyline. It’s release date is also July of 2013, and brings into the fold Ron Livingston and Vera Farmiga. Wan has also been rumored direct a full length movie version of the hit 1980s television show MacGyver. It’s safe to assume that it may have to wait with the announcement of Insidious Chapter 2.

It’s difficult to support a sequel to Insidious. The film has a story structure that really seems to wrap itself up and leave audiences with a sense of completion. While the ending may not be the happiest and is somewhat foreboding, a sequel would seem contrived at best. What’s more, it’s safe to assume the final product may not be up to scratch considering all the time constraints and demand placed upon director James Wan.

But I’ve been wrong before. Perhaps Insidious Chapter 2 will seamlessly flow with the original and pick up right where it left off – beautifully. As more information is released, we’ll be sure to fill you in.

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