Cornel West Wants Jay Z to Come Clean on Nets Ownership


jay-z brookln netsOnce again, folks are all up in Jay Z’s business over exactly how much of a stake he has in the Brooklyn Nets. Academic and activist Dr. Cornel West recently implored the rapper to disclose the financial facts.

“Now I love Jay-Z, I’ve spent much time with the brother. He’s a lyrical genius. But we’ve got to tell him the truth. Tell the truth, Jay-Z. You tell the truth on ‘Reasonable Doubt’ in 1996, that’s what he started out with. He’s telling the truth, we love you negro. But we gon’ make sure you’re accountable too. All of us in this together, and I’m saying it out of love,” said West.

Pardon the ensuing rant, but why is this anyone’s business? Are kids going hungry as a result of this issue that is clearly nagging the hell out of way too many people? Is it threatening President Barack Obama’s re-election? Rappers brag. Negros lie—just saying, not implying. When you got paper stacked as high as Jigga does and universal clout to go with it, sharing minute financial details with the public isn’t a requirement.

Regardless of whether he owns one-fifteenth or fifteen cents worth, the mega rapper’s influence and the recognition his association with the NBA team has lent to their development are undeniable. It was Jay Z who helped design the team’s starkly catchy black and white color scheme, which was originally rejected by the NBA because allegedly the organization felt that African American players wouldn’t look good in the colors on TV, reported the New York Times. Jay Z thought the colors were right because they represented his hometown’s diverse population.

And his stake has resulted in more subtle influences, such as coaching Barclay Center security heads on how to search patrons attending games for weapons. “Be mindful…and be sensitive,” he was quoted as telling them.

Nine years ago, Jay Z invested $1 million in the team and the return he’s likely to receive is more than anyone worried about how that computes in terms of ownership will make in a lifetime. Another perk—he gets to chill in one of 11 “Vault” suites, sipping on Armand de Brignac champagne anytime he pleases. Other’s pay $550,000 a year for the privilege.

No disrespect, Doc C, but N$gga please.


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