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Saturday, April 18th, 2015

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Michelle Obama May Fill In For Robin Roberts At 'Good Morning America'

Michelle Obama may sub for Robin Roberts at ABC’s Good Morning America.

Recently, an ABC executive confirmed that the network reached out to The First Lady to ask if she would guest-host Good Morning America for one day, sometime later this month.

If Mrs. Obama is willing to take the one day gig, she will fill in for co-host Roberts, who is still recuperating from a recent bone narrow transplant.

The network already confirmed that Ann Romney, the wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, will be filling in as a guest host for Roberts on October 10.

Ann Romney will join the small list of other co-hosts, including the cast of Modern Family, Steven Colbert, and Jessica Simpson, who have filled in for Roberts since she went on medical leave for surgery at the end of August.

The exact co-host date for Mrs. Obama’s has yet to be announced, more details coming soon…


  1. Is GMA charging the Dems for the air time? Are they declaring this as a legal Obama campaign contribution? Did somebody run out of pre-paid credit cards to make illegal campaign contributions with? Shameless partisan politics (thiny and ineffectively) disguised as news….is anyone surprised? Michelle never sticks her head out to say two words….BUT NOW she suddenly wants to move into journalism? YAWN! I will not be watching…..

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