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Monday, July 6th, 2015

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3 Reasons Men Cheat On Their Wives

After more than 17 years of counseling wives that were cheated on and the men that cheated on them, I have identified the top 3 reasons men cheat. In general, the rate of men cheating on their wives is much higher than that of women cheating, however women do cheat, too. It is estimated that 1 in 3 men will cheat on their wives and contrary to popular belief, their cheating has less to do with sex and more to do with the way men need to be loved.
1.  They Feel Unappreciated
Men love to know that they are king of their castle, the greatest lion in the jungle. They wrestle inside themselves for recognition and appreciation. They rarely do anything for free. They always want a smile, a wink, a hug, a sexual gesture, or a “Wow, you are incredible moment,” because it shows that they are appreciated. They don’t depend on their money or their status to give them this feeling, but rather, they depend on the women they fall in love with. You see, men can go out and make money “with a mask on,” but they can’t eat, sleep and live at home with that same mask for too long. At some point they are going to let their wife into the struggles they face and the better she is at navigating conversation that gets to that place, the better off their relationship will be.
When a woman feels that a man doesn’t need to be appreciated or that she should not have to do that for him, she will become like a nagging fly to him and he would rather live on the rooftop or in a desert than to live with a woman who doesn’t know how to appreciate him.
When men don’t feel appreciated, it makes them feel insecure. And when they feel insecure, they start to get confused about who’s on their side and what their purpose and responsibilities are to the people on their team.
2.  They Feel Emotionally Disconnected
Most women think men are not very emotional because they don’t express their emotions the way women do. Men are very emotional and have a very difficult time managing their emotions. They are what I call “emotional extremists” because when they are emotionally expressive, it’s often at the extreme end of the expression itself. So men want to connect at deep emotional levels that most women probably can’t handle. Some men actually have said that their wives could not handle their emotions, so they don’t even go there, but they need it so bad. Most of their extramarital affairs did not start with sex or attraction, but rather with deep emotional connections and emotional fulfillment. Men live for that. They need someone to reach them there and help them make sense of manhood. Again, they depend on their wives to do this.
3. They Choose To Cheat
Finally, it boils down to choice.  Men who cheat make the decision to do so, which is not always an easy decision. The more they love their wives and value their reputation and their faith, the more difficult it is to cheat. But the desperate needs of manhood are so vitally powerful that 1 in every 3 men eventually makes the choice to cheat.
Leroy Scott MS, MDiv, NCC, LPC-LA, LMHC-FL is a Relationship Expert and Life Coach. He can be found on Twitter, Facebook and at leroyscott.com.



  1. men like cheatting alot may they don't get enough from tier wives.

  2. being cheated on is very devastating…
    since you guys can obviously make a choice on whether or not to cheat, why don't you decide to be honest and and get straight to your wives first…if you're tired of your wives and want to be free, then say it…it's as simple as that.. after you've settled your thing with your wife, then off you go…have a blast with your newly found partner! stop cheating. it's as good as killing..trust me….

  3. How is a man having sex with multiple woman a bad habit? its not a habit when will you people get it? you all must be very damn slow or simply unwilling to accept the obvious that men are infact polygamous creatures and that marriage and monogamy is something society created for convenience and nothing more…but ooo a woman will always say the man is a disgusting creature, when all hes doing is following his instincts to procreate with as many woman as possible something that is hardwired into a mans brain and if it wasnt for men being wired in this way the human race would be extinct if it was left upto woman to initiate sex with men…it would never happen…I get sick of the crap people feed out especially woman who think they seem to know what its like to be a man and have to struggle to even go to the supermarket without looking at other woman's asses as they walk by…do you have any idea what its like being a man all you woman who think this act of polygamy is a terrible evil act who says its terrible funny thing is I don't hear many men complaining about that type of thing.sounds to me its woman who want things to be done THERE way, well how about doing things the mans way why does everything have to be about pleasing a woman? what about pleasing a man who we all should know by now has an unquenchable thirst for multiple girls and there smooth assholes.

  4. Ki Nom'w says:

    Men love to have sex regular and they also hate when they get pushed off when their make it seems like they are trying to he a quick one. Bottom line, if a man have regular sex they tend to be more happy and productive.

  5. Tarsha Washington says:

    Men cheat because they're wives are not doing what they need to do at home, please your man enough, changing up on him after you get married is not a good thing you were a freak in the bed when y'all was in a regular relationship and keep it that way before he go out a find someone who will please him the way he wants.

  6. Leslie Brown says:

    Really who gives a damn…If you find out your hubby is cheating….let him go and go get you another man…but give yourself enough time to heal…cause it could happen again. But don't take baggage from one relationship to another.

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