K. Michelle of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Drama Continues


K. Michelle of the runaway hit reality show “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” went on the radio in San Francisco to clear the air about a couple of very big things—her ongoing dispute with co-star Rasheeda, and whether her large posterior is real.

About Rasheeda, Michelle said she’s just creating drama to make sure she is brought back for season two of the new show that everybody loves to hate.

As for Michelle’s big behind, which is attracting its own share of attention these days, the DJs on KMEL wanted to know if her butt was real—as they pulled up a picture in the studio of Michelle showing her rear assets.

“I got ass envy, I don’t have it,” the female DJ said. “All my folks were like, ‘Ask her if it’s real.’ Here in Cali we see a lot of reports about people in the ATL having fake butts.”

“I have a real butt,” Michelle said in her famous Memphis drawl. “My titties are not real, and my teeth ain’t, but if you go back to college pictures, in college they used to call me ass test. The older I get and the more weight I put on, it always goes to my hips and my thighs. Just like my momma.”

Michelle was asked if she’s been working on a dance routine to make her behind do some twerking.

“I been working on that, but just one of them works, the right one,” Michelle said, giggling.

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