Salma Hayek and Blake Lively Bond in ‘Savages’ and in Life


A compelling profile in USA Today reveals the tight friendship that the lovely Salma Hayek and Blake Lively have developed over the creation of their film project, Oliver Stone’s Savages, which came out yesterday. The two women have formed a mutual admiration society, which significantly enhanced the film, whose most pivotal relationship is the one formed by Hayek’s character, a Mexican drug lord, and Lively’s character, the girlfriend of two pot growers who gets kidnapped by Hayek’s cartel.

Amusingly, though Stone told Hayek that he wrote the Mexican drug lord with her in mind, it him quite a while to get around to asking her to do the part. Hayek said Lively was on board and even her husband, the French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, told her he was hearing from colleagues in France that she was doing the new Oliver Stone movie.

“Oliver had talked to me about it and said he wrote it for me but didn’t offer me the job. I wanted to ask Blake, ‘Did he mention me to you?'” Hayek said to USA Today. “Some of the financing came from France, and people were telling Francois that I was in an Oliver Stone movie. He said, ‘You’re doing an Oliver Stone movie and you didn’t mention it to me?’ I didn’t know about it! It was very funny.”

Lively said her and Hayek had conversations about the movie, but never directly confronted the question of whether they would be doing it together.

“I wasn’t going to mention it. I wanted to talk to Salma about it, too, because I have a relationship with two men, but our relationship is the most intimate in the film,” said Lively.

Their mutual admiration society started at the rehearsals.

“I remember you showed up in knee-high Balenciaga sandal gladiator boots. They were gorgeous. I was like, ‘Ah, this is how I have to dress.’ Not because I was being competitive. But because I saw her and was like, wow,” Lively, 24, who is known for her stylish dress, said during the USA Today interview.

Says Hayek, 45, looking at Lively, immaculately attired in a flowery Monique Lhuillier minidress: “She looks for any excuse to dress up and go shopping. She’s the ultimate fashionista. Today we were looking at this older lady that was so put together, and I said to Blake, ‘That’s going to be you.’ ”

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