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Saturday, March 28th, 2015

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Usher 911 Call Shows Scariness of Celebrity Stalkers

The sometimes creepy world of celebritydom was on display during a 911 call that pop superstar Usher Raymond made when a woman was trespassing on his Georgia Estate on June 24th.

The audio of the call was obtained by TMZ.

Listening to the call you can hear Usher whispering to the dispatcher—who keeps telling him to speak up—so the woman can’t hear that he’s calling the police on her. “I don’t know this woman … she rang my doorbell. She’s obviously a fan of some sort.”

When the police arrived at the scene they saw 26-year-old Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw, who told officers she was married to the pop star. The officers were aware that she was lying, since Usher isn’t married, and placed the woman under arrest.

According to Usher this isn’t the first time Rakestraw has trespassed on his property. The day before her arrest she was escorted off the property after being spotted by his personal security.

While these incidents can seem harmless or even cute, let’s be mindful of all the stars—from Selena to John Lennon, Rebecca Schaeffer to Ronald Reagan—who were shot and even killed by stalkers.

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