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Sunday, April 26th, 2015

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Shaunie O'Neal Addresses Basketball Wives Drama In Statement

Shaunie O’Neal, executive producer of the Basketball Wives franchise, released a statement to Vibe last week about the images the grown (many of them mothers), women of color portray on her heavily sedated drama-filled franchise, the Miami edition.

Though the show is dubbed reality, many viewers deem the show rigged (RE: Jennifer filing lawsuit in April over a January incident) for ratings, but the consistent grappling from scene to scene, petty-induced tongue lashings, and mini mean-girl sessions over cocktail drinks in red bottoms has everyone from media personality Wendy Williams to everyday mothers on blogs yelling foul on the televised erratic behavior of the middle-aged women of color.

In what seems to be an attempt to separate from the conjured up fracas, Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-wife, is reiterating that she doesn’t “agree with some of the behavior” on the show. Maybe she didn’t throw, but did she slightly raise the bus to position Evelyn Lozada, Tami Roman, Jennifer Williams and the other cast members/friends underneath?

Shaunie is in a peculiar predicament: she’s the executive producer, she’s a woman of color, she’s a mother, she’s a cast member, and she’s a friend (reportedly) to the ladies. So, what hat should she wear first when trying to put out fires about the show she produces?

“I’m extremely happy that Basketball Wives continues to have another successful fourth season. As the ratings have been through the roof since our season opener, fans continue to tune into the lives of Evelyn, Tami, Jennifer, Royce, Suzie and myself. As there is always controversy and indifference projected on the show, because we are all individual personalities, I always hope that people will find that as much as you may agree or disagree with the opinions, the behavior, [and] even our different taste in shoes, you are taking a look inside the lives of four complete different women. I will never say I agree with some of the behavior between my girlfriends on the show, but if we were to edit certain things out the show would be scripted and not reality.”

Smart of the mother-of-five to release a statement concerning the spars, but is a few sentences meshed together while touting the success level of the franchises is all that should be expected from the executive producer? And how serious can you take the level of apprehension when triumph is tossed out in the first couple of lines when the cause is connected to the very issue she seems to disconnect with?

Or should people relax and take the entertainment for what it is—besides people contend the show is rigged anyway, right?

I think Shaunie plays safe too much—on the show, as the friend, and as the producer who penned the statement. If you’re going to wear as many hats as you do, then taking the lead means setting the standard and ensuring boundaries. Yes, the women are adults, but the forum was provided by her vision. Her statement provides no remedy to the noise being made about her show, only a cushion, just in case something pops off.

Do you think Shaunie should be held to a higher standard or the statement is enough?

By Deidre White


  1. Attention, Attention everyone Bakeball Wives season five(5) is in the making and replacing Jennifer Willams will be the fiery Ms. Nia Crooks. As you can see this New York beauty don’t play and she will definitely bring it. There will only be a few short appearance by Mrs. Lozada-Johnson as she and hubby has their own show (dying with the laughter).

    • I just finished watching Basketball Wives and I am just so ashamed of the way Evelyn carrieas herself. She usd to be my favorite Wife until I watched her psychotic ass fight everyone on the show. Who does that. She is just a high paid hood rat. That long faced lisped tongue Suzie is so two-faced and phony. All of the females are really. This is the worst portrayal of black women I have ever seen. Bitches get yourselves together, and stop hating on Jen because she has class.

    • It is such a shame that this type of thing is going on with the show. Shaunie being the neutral individual should not take anything personally from any of the cast mates. Shaunie acts like a bitch and she always trys to highlight that what her castmate do is not her fault while at the same time she takes their side and never tells them that they are just wrONG PERIOD. Thats what people are offended by, the fact that she never tells evelyn the damn truth. Everyone knows you cannot control any body but you can take a step by telling them what they did is wrong and it is just that. They’re going to be hated .sorry just being real , this show has gone “LEFT” and its about to fall off of the network. If Shaunie thinks the viewers cannot cancel the show she is out of her mind. will be in for a definite shock

      • I agree! Shaunie gets shit started and sits back! These women are so sad and such poor role models!

      • cynthia wells says:

        I wish the women in the show would a little more positive and stop using such ghetto language. I like Jennifer and Keisha they aren’ t as vulgar as that
        Evelyn and Tammi. These women are mothers and they should carry themselves in a more positive manner. At present they are very rude and drink alot

  2. Your ratings are high because people cannot believe grown ass women act so damn foolish! You have money, but it’s obvious money doesn’t by class! Royce is the only one that acts like she has a clue! Eve IS a W.H.O.R.E……. You all should be shamed for being such poor examples to your children.

  3. Nia is low-class fool as well!

  4. I’m glad Jenn called the police and I hope Nia ass goes to jail! Jen, sue her BROKE ASS! iF EVE IS SO DAMN CONCERNED LET HER PAY JEN!!!!

  5. Jennifer run, all money is not good money. Shaunie only concern to me seem to be the ratings. No class, no fun, no spirtuality. Evelyn, REALLY…fighting at your age. Find another outlet, go to the gym, take pilates, hike, run, work in the shelter, go to church…SOMETHING…ANYTHING…

  6. Miss Nia today I read the interview you did with Baller Alert and I just want you to know that I beleive everything you told them. Home-girl sure is a stinker and is really, really low for saying the things that she did. But in some stange way I had already figured out some of that stuff and when I spotted a pic of that little boy we knew who the dad was right away. On a sad note, I was really taken back when you stated that you had stage 4 Endiomertiosis. I goggled it and learned that it was a female disease. I have to admit that I felt sad for a little bit then I thought about what a soldier you and it pepped me back up a bit. I am so happy that you work for Evelyn now I know she’ll be good to you. Girl you are so strong, we admire you and will keep you in our prayers. Do you have a glass, give me a raise cheers to you babe and your good friend Evelyn!

  7. Shaunie,your full of it,you are just as scared of Evelyn and Tami as the other girls,you are a excutive producers of a reality show that has become so so VIOLENT and FILTHY,how can you Evelyn and Tami justie yourselfs,I’ve heard all the this is why this is why and you right along with them, you and the other producers just stand by and let the others girls get physcally and mentely abused,but what can the other girls do about it, two choices stay and take the abuse or leave the show,Shaunie not once have I ever heard you stick up for the other girls,you are a bully just as well as Evelyn and Tami, because you condon it,but I guess its all about the money.I will never watch your show again let alone aspin off for Evelyn

  8. Kay Jessup says:

    I know that controversy can be JUICY. I admit I do enjoy watching a few cat fights here and there because it can truthfully be quite entertaining. However this SEASON is full of BULLYING. I dont see anything positive except when the camera’s are on Royce, Jen and Kesha. It makes me wonder if this is all the woman do with there lives, and if not, why not show the times when there at there childrens schools, or when there having family gatherings, or WORKING! I started to watch this program simply because of it’s title “Basketball Wives” although they are not the wives of basketball players. Im all for woman of color being successful, I just wish that the show had a different direction, and see Shaunie finally OPEN HER EYES… Tami and Eveyln are ruining the show, they have to calm down.

  9. Evelyn, I love that pin-up look at your new shoot, it is soooo fierce, damn work it girl and I love you (kissess)!!

  10. I agree with a majority of these comments. Shaunie is the ringleader of all of this madness, and she has sooo many roles in the involVement of the show, so for her “more important” roles, she needs to stand up and take responsibility for the negativity that this show is portraying, stop saying its not your fault bc you instigate everything, then sit back and watch it all unfold, never taking anyone’s side BUT the drama queens Evelyn and Tami. I’m sad bc I really used to like Tami, and I want to like her, but she is nothing but drama this season, along side that hoodrat Evelyn. Evelyn is a bully, and she definitely should not be rewarded with a spin off show, with her messed up relationship that condones cheating. This show is such an awful stereotypical portrayal of women of color, and shaunie should be ashamed of that an WANT to do something about it. I’m proud of Jen for being a business womb and using this platform to grow her businesses. She did rift by not fighting back physically. She IS a business woman unlike the hoodrats who attack her, and she would look like a fool and possibly damage her companies with acting like an animal publicly. I honestly see a lot of hate and jealousy towards Jen, and it’s sad ad pathetic that these women take it out by trying to inflict violence and pain to her. Call Jen boring if you want, but isn’t what SHE’S doing SUPPOSED to be the premise of the show? NOT the drama and the fighting?

  11. sincere says:

    The BBW is by far the lowest gutter portral of Black women in the history of television. Slap some makeup and a pretty dress on a pack of pitbulls an u have BBW show. If u plan to keep this trash on the air atleast change the name to “Bully Hoe Show” starring, Shunie, tammi and Evelyn

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