Pink Pout: Get Hot Pink Lips Like Meagan Good This Spring


Wanna push your girl factor up a notch? Sprucing up with pretty pink puckers this spring is just what the girly girl in you is shrieking for. Not the subtle, sweet pinks, venture toward the pinks on the hotter end of the spectrum. Think loud fuschias, screaming cerises, ultra magentas, and can’t forget the shocking roses. That’s right, if you’re gonna go pink—really push through the cutesy stuff!

We are straight wooing over newly-engaged Meagan Good’s sexy midday hot pink pout. That’s the upper hand these complex corals have over their ruby red counterparts—their wearability is more versatile and an easier leap than the straight-up flaming red lip plunge. Fashion Police’s Kelly Osbourne’s pretty pursed hot pink lips are so scorching hot that we can’t stand it! And have you seen how the near-cherried hot pink lips on Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie make her grayish-blue eyes pop? Completely striking!

Here are some fast notes to consider for your very own sexy, swooned-over hot pink lips this spring:

Compliment Your Undertones: While any woman can try the hot pink lip look, make sure you pick the right pink for your undertone. Be honest with yourself, and if you can’t, take an honest friend with you who has nothing to lose. Also, remember natural light testing renders better results than in-store!

Check Confidence: If you haven’t mastered any lip wear beyond cherry lip chap-stick, then any hot pink will look hideous to you. Though it probably doesn’t, make sure you’re ready to up the ante for the adventurous look. Confidence in tow comes way before copping the correct color.

Think One Pink: We love being daring, but going for pink lids, pink blush, and hot pink lips in one look only works for Barbies. Hot pink lips is enough sexy for one face. Hot pink lips = subtlety elsewhere.

Hot Pink, No Fillers: Hot pink in itself is boastful, no need for glitter or unnatural lined lips. (We’re begging, please…don’t do it.) A lip brush is the best recommended tool or even your finger. Control, precision of the bold color is paramount. Another no filler tip: ask about all-natural hot pink lipstick contenders too!

Matte or Gloss: Both looks are beautiful, but the winning nominee depends on the state of your lips. If you tend to have drier lips, then glosses are superb for concealing, just keep a mirror nearby for potential outside-lip gloss (never sexy!). If you have a smoother pout, matte goes on seamlessly. However, a gentle lip scrub and a moisturizing SPF thereafter are beneficial for both types of lips.

Now that you have the necessary notes for hot pink lips this spring, whose lips are you jocking?

By Deidre White


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