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Sunday, March 29th, 2015

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Kim Kardashian And Katy Perry Go-Kart At Kanye West After-Party

Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry, along with many other celebrities visited Paris yesterday during fashion week, to watch as Kanye West debuted his 2012 Fall/Winter line. Kim showed up dressed in a long white-fur shawl, with beige pants, and $5,800 heels designed by Kanye himself. After the show, Kim, along with Katy Perry, who was also dressed to the nines, attended the after party hosted by the “Runaway” rapper. So, what do you do as a high profile celebrity when you show up to an event?

Do you take a walk down the runway to show off your super-high heels? No. Do you stride down a red carpet and let everyone take pictures of what you’re wearing? Not these two ladies. They hopped into go-karts and began racing around, careful not to cause damage to their expensive outfits. I’m sure Kim Kardashian and the “California” singer weren’t too surprised that the unconventional rapper turned designer chose to have go-karts at an after-party, and it didn’t seem to faze them.

Katy Perry raced around the track on her own, wearing a helmet that her hair stylist might not have been too excited about. The “Keeping up with the Kardashians” star battled it out with Kanye on the track, tweeting out to her fans, “Go carting in Paris!!! Doesn’t get much better than this!”

Alicia Keys and Diddy were also in attendance, but didn’t partake in all of the go-kart fun.

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