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Sunday, April 19th, 2015

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Mark Wahlberg Teaches His Kids A Painful Lesson

Mark Wahlberg is in the process of getting his tattoos removed.

“[All the tattoos] have meaning to me, but it’s both personal and professional,” said Walhberg.

The Contraband star, who has six different body art symbols in all, brings two of his children along with him so they can see the laser sessions.

“I don’t want my kids getting tattoos. I’ve taken my two older kids to the procedure so they see how painful it is and what I have to go through. And I wanted them to be [removed] by the time I did The Fighter because putting make-up on and covering them up has always been a pain in the butt.”

Besides acting, Wahlberg is a producer and a restaurant owner. The movie star also mentioned that he doesn’t want his kids following in his footsteps as a thespian.

“I don’t want my kids to be in the entertainment business either, which is why I’m trying to build a lot of [separate] businesses”, Wahlberg says. “If they feel [passionate about acting], and that’s the decision they want to make, then I’ll support them. But I’ll do everything I can to point them in another direction.”

The actor has four kids: Ella Rae, 8, Michael, 5, Brendan Joseph, 3, and Grace Margaret, 2.

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