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Sunday, April 19th, 2015

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Whitney Houston’s Final Arrangements Underway; Preliminary Autopsy Results Revealed

Whitney Houston’s body arrived in Newark, New Jersey Monday night as new reports claim a rift in Houston’s family over the final resting place for the iconic superstar just as preliminary autopsy results are released.

Houston’s body was flown on media mogul Tyler Perry’s private jet, according to reports, from Los Angeles to New Jersy’s Teterboro Airport and then transported to Whigham Funeral Home in a golden hearse where security was tight while dozens of fans mourned the arrival of Whitney’s remains.

As the “I Will Always Love You” singer’s body arrived Monday night, earlier that day Bobby Brown, Houston’s ex-husband, arrived in Los Angeles, California on Monday to support he and Whitney’s only child, Bobbi Kristina, after she suffered a nervous breakdown after learning of her mother’s tragic death and subsequently being shunned from seeing the body immediately after Houston’s demise.

Meanwhile, a reported family rift has arisen between Cissy Houston, Whitney’s mother, and the rest of the singer’s family over the final resting place for the superstar, according to TMZ. Cissy and Dionne Warwick, Houston’s cousin, would like the star’s final burial to take place in Atlanta, Georgia because they conclude the peach state as the one place where the singer shared her fondest moments. However, the rest of the family deems Newark, New Jersey as the most fitting for Whitney’s remains because “the voice” was born, reared, and discovered in Newark, hence (according to the remaining family)the best place for the world to commemorate her.

“Michael Jackson did not want to be buried in Neverland, and Whitney did not want to be buried in New Jersey,” said the source.   Though Cissy was adamant that her youngest child and only daughter should be laid to rest in Atlanta, the mother of three has caved-in for the Newark burial.

Earlier this morning, according to Radar Online, the “I’m Every Woman” singer’s preliminary autopsy results are in and establishes sedatives, specifically benzodiazepines, were in the late icon’s system. Xanax, Iorazepam, and Valium are examples of benzodiazepines. “The preliminary results indicate that there were benzodiazepines present in Whitney’s system,” a law enforcement insider revealed.

“The final toxicology results will reveal the specific sedative(s) that she ingested, and the level. Those final toxicology results should be in later this week.”

Though earlier reports cited upwards of six weeks for conclusive toxicology results, this unnamed law enforcement suggests otherwise. “Toxicology testing and results don’t take 4-6 weeks to come back. Look at how quickly toxicology screening tests are done in hospital emergency rooms when someone comes in with an overdose. The Coroner and the Beverly Hills Police Department have placed a security hold on the case, so it will be a few weeks before the results are revealed publicly.”

Whitney Elizabeth Houston, 48, was found unresponsive in her Beverly Hilton hotel room in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, February 11, 2012, and was pronounced dead at 3:55 P.M. She is survived by her mother Cissy, two brothers, and one daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.


  1. Audrey Thompson says:

    Rest in peice Whitney God knows best sleep and take your rest.

    • Indeed, may she rest in PERFECT PEACE. Let’s not worry about the critics, Judge not lest ye be Judged…….we are so quick to judge each other, she has done her stint here on earth,, ,, we are the ones to worry, casue she left us here to deal with Physical life, untill we go……RIP Whitney.x

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