Friday, July 29th, 2016

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Love & Hip Hop: Chrissy Lampkin Reveals Pregnancy?

UPDATED-Is Love & Hip Hop reality star Chrissy Lampkin pregnant?

The reality star of VH1’s popular show and soon-to-be wife of rapper Jim Jones was seen in a photograph obtained by Mediatakeout wearing a loose-fitting, grey tee with a conspicuously placed scarf shielding what appears to be a growing baby bump.

While the rather talkative Lampkin is mum on the baby news, others are insisting congratulation is in order.

A really close source is claiming that the couple has tried for years to conceive and it never happened, but that “Chrissy is in fact pregnant—expecting the couple’s first child”.

“We’re all praying for a HEALTHY BABY to be born. Who, given his/her parents, will be SWAG-A-LOCIOUS!!!,” according to XXL Magazine.

The news comes days after a volcanic clip of Yandy Smith and Chrissy’s one-on-one interview with executive producer Mona Scott Young for the Love & Hip Hop reunion show airing tonight.

Take a look at the picture below – do you spot a baby bump?

In other Love and Hip Hop news, VH1 has confirmed an Atlanta spin-off! It’s not surprising VH1 wants to capitalize off it’s rating boost from season 2. According to Access Atlanta, “VH1 has confirmed that they are doing a Love and Hip Hop featuring Atlanta hip-hop ladies.”

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  1. Possibly a baby bump, However, if Chrissy is pregnant congrats but Jim is in Big trouble…the true side of Chrissy will soon surface, she will 4ever control Jimmy & his assets while bring’n NOTHING 2 the table & How n the heck do a MAN do a reality show 4 his girlfriend, she did it 4 fame/shine & what he had NO idea!!!! SMH Jim u MUST put down the KUSH at least just 2 see temporarily!!!!!!

  2. If true that will be the biggest mistake Jim would make. Jim needs to get as far as he can away from that thing. And if she is having a baby which I don’t believe I hope it doesn’t come out with her features or face…….

  3. If she is pregnant Congrats to the both of them. They have been together for years and no matter what either of their initial reasoning for starting a relationship I wish only the best for them. I’m sure both have and will make mistakes along the way as we all do, we are human. As a human it is not my place to judge anyone. Jim may put up with a lot from Chrissy with her attitude (we only see a small part of their life) and I am sure Chrissy puts up with a lot (again we only see a small part) dealing with Jim. May they have a blessed union and a healthy happy addition, if in fact she is expecting.

  4. I really hope Chrissy is pregnant because that will make Momma Jones and Jimmy very happy. They will make a beautiful baby because they are two nice looking people. The haters are really going to hate because we all know they want the life that she has. You can really tell that Jimmy really loves her. I am so glad that Chrissy and Momma Jones are getting along because they are just like Mother and daughter. Good Luck to the Jones family and God Bless You All!

  5. people need to quit hating that baby go be sexy either way it go if it look like jim or jimmy so quit hating be happy for them dangg

  6. on sum real shit says:

    dat crissy bitch whack ass fuck she old jealous hearted and spent half of tha whole season hatn on tha otha females cuz she aint have shit goin for herself! jim jones really fell off fuckn wit bitch she definitely not ready n jim aint either an by tha way fat brown skin n old uuugh jim please boss tha fuck up ! are record sells dat bad u had to get a fat chick ctfu wow…………………………

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! People need to understand. the way she is with her friends is NOT a reflection on her relationship with Jim. She’s LOYAL to him 100%. They’re happy together and that is all that matters. And Chrissy isn’t fat, I dnt know what that one up there was lookin at. Have ya’ll seen other rapper’s baby mamas and girlfriends? She’s a REGULAR PERSON. Just like you simple minded ass people making negative comments are REGULAR PEOPLE. Only ya’ll have nothing better to do.

  8. Adrianne Walker says:

    I pray Jim and Chrissy have a beautiful and healthy baby.GOD BLESS.

  9. shiwana J says:

    Is it because someone is Plus Size they should not have someone to Love and why should anyone decide when it is time we all have problems .so before you point your finger take of your own Trash FIRST!!!!!! Just say her attitude is messedup and he should look at that. Stop Saying about Looks or Size.

  10. Nia looks like she is having twins. I am so happy for her and her family. I pray she has a easy and healthy delivery. God Bless You.

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