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Monday, April 27th, 2015

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Brad Pitt Explains His Obsession With 'Moneyball', Family, Architecture, Politics & More

Oscar nominated Brad Pitt sat down with Charlie Rose on “CBS This Morning” to discuss why this past year was the best year of his life and why he worked so hard to bring the critically acclaimed movie Moneyball  to screen.

In the interview, Pitt describes his obsession with the Moneyball story and his relationship to Billy Beane, the unconventional Oakland Athletic coach he portrayed in the film. “… There were just attributes about him and this push and this need to make things fair, to find a level playing field. If we’re gonna compete, let’s make it fair. And I’m a bit of a justice nut,” replied Pitt to Rose’s question about his kinship to his Beane character.

The “Fight Club” actor also spoke about his family situation. He proclaimed that his girlfriend and fellow actress Angelina Jolie, was “still a bad girl” despite her recently apparent calm demeanor.

To read the transcript or to watch the video of the interview, go to the next page.

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