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Sunday, April 19th, 2015

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Tameka Raymond Calls Usher Spoiled In Recent Interview

Tameka Raymond may have been X-out of Usher‘s life as a wife, but she’s certainly not leaving quietly as evident in her recent in depth interview with Uptown Magazine where she discussed everything from work ethic, parenting, dating, and moving beyond past hardships.

Usher Raymond may be financially loaded but Tameka stated that was no reason to slow her roll. The 41 year old mother of four claimed she was instilled with a secure work ethic from a very early age.

“I was taught to work. Ironically, my father’s mother and my aunt were also retailers, and I worked at both places from about age 7. I learned tons about fashion and how to make money all by age 10.”

Tameka may not have outwardly called her 33 year old ex husband spoiled, but she did mentioned that he’s use to getting his own way when asked to describe their parenting styles.

“He is a man very accustomed to having his way. This has nothing to do with how I parent. Trust me, I never will have a desire to keep a man away from his kids. I am not June Cleaver or head of the PTA, but I know I am a good mother.”

Despite her custody battle with Usher, Tameka hasn’t allowed it to dampened her dating spirit.

“I am dating. It’s refreshing. I have not been single in a while. I got divorced and married in the same year. It was a run-on relationship. But a lot of guys like to play games. I like a man that’s a boss. I am not the dominant one. But a lot of the ones with the right mind-set wear Oshkosh overalls. And if they are not fly, I don’t like them.”

However Tameka also made sure to add that although she’s actively dating, she keeps the two separate from her home life.

“I don’t bring men around my children. They have never met an ‘Uncle Tony.’ The two that I did bring around, I married.”

So what does the future have in store for this Oakland, California native? Well according to Tameka it will be full of the joy and love her children bring along with the blessings of having been able to live a very fortunate life.

“Being raised in Oakland, and having been able to see and enjoy five of seven continents, and working in such a highly competitive field, makes me very proud. I never imagined some of these things to be obtainable. And my sons teach me the meaning of true, unbiased love.”

Sounds like Tameka is moving in the right direction.

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