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Monday, March 30th, 2015

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Etta James Released From Hospital While Battling Terminal Illness

Grammy award winning singer Etta James was finally released from a California hospital this past Thursday after battling complications relating to leukemia, kidney disease and dementia.

Etta’s business aid, Lupe De Leon confirmed that she was transferred to her Riverside, California estate (a location just east of Los Angeles) where she was greeted by her husband and doctor.

According to Reuters, Leon commented that he felt the aging At Last singer would do better in her home environment by stating;

“We all think it’s best for her to be at home.”

James was diagnosed with the terminal illness in early 2011.   Since then her family has been involved in a bitter battle over the welfare of her estate.   Etta’s husband and estate conservator Artis Mills had originally requested funds in the amount of $500, 000 be available at his discretion to manage Etta’s health care expenses.

However, Etta’s sons Donto and Sametto James felt the amount was excessive and requested a significantly lower sum of $100,000. Ultimately a Riverside County judge settled on a median amount of $350,000 and the family’s swabbing appeared to be at an end.

So we’re sure yesterday’s news of Etta’s release came as a particular relief to her husband and sons one of which (Donto) previously released a statement confirming that their mother’s health was everybody’s primary concern.

“Mr. Mills’ aim is to keep her alive as long as possible…That’s my aim too.”

Hopefully Etta’s family can coalesce around this positive news and remain as positive pillars during their mother’s recovery.   Fighting such a pervasive illness takes strength and will power; and Mrs. James will need this and more from all her loved ones in order to beat her debilitating disease.

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