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Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

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Is Eva Mendes Hollywood's Most Attractive Woman?

Number 7: Eva Mendes


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  1. pety pablo says:

    This Eva has run it’s course and she is too OLD….Need something young, fine and full of energy

  2. no but she’s a coke whore….

    • HOW do you know she’s a coke whore. this is what I do know: 1) she’s beautiful 2) she’s a great actress
      3) she has a to-die-for body 4) she has beautiful hair. Sounds as if someone might be envious. I’d be real careful about calling someone of her stature a coke whore unless you can back it up. And these days, whose not a whore. I bet you are.

      • Rebecca Smith says:

        who’s not a whore
        who is not a whore

        not whose. whose means ‘belonging to’

        What a stupid defensive reply. She is 38 years almost 39 – a hag by hollywood standards and her appearance is so ‘brownish’ hair eyes and skin as to be bland as oatmeal.

        her cocaine problem is well documented. get a life.

        you are stupid.

      • gratz you just won the internet

  3. No. No, she is not. She is attractive. No where near the most attractive. If you think she is, you’re just wrong.

  4. … except Ryan is CANADIAN.

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