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Thursday, March 26th, 2015

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Is Eva Mendes Hollywood's Most Attractive Woman?

Eva Mendes was born in Miami and, in our humble opinion, is sun-kissed in all the right places! The actress, who is of Cuban decent, was raised in Los Angeles, where she has represented her people well. Mendes, after developing her skills in college, broke out on the scene after playing the girlfriend of Denzel Washington’s character in ‘Training Day’.

Not only is she a bombshell beauty, she has the acting talent that takes her to an even higher level. Mendes has wrapped production on ‘Girl in Progress,’ ‘Holy Motors,’ and ‘The Place beyond the Pines,’ which are all set to come out this year.

The Hollywood star is also dating all-American Ryan Gosling. When asked when does a relationship get serious, Mendes quipped: “when he introduces me to his mother, and that’s exactly what Ryan did.”

Flip through some hot pictures of this talented actress:

Eva Mendes Cuban Actress

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  1. pety pablo says:

    This Eva has run it’s course and she is too OLD….Need something young, fine and full of energy

  2. no but she’s a coke whore….

    • HOW do you know she’s a coke whore. this is what I do know: 1) she’s beautiful 2) she’s a great actress
      3) she has a to-die-for body 4) she has beautiful hair. Sounds as if someone might be envious. I’d be real careful about calling someone of her stature a coke whore unless you can back it up. And these days, whose not a whore. I bet you are.

      • Rebecca Smith says:

        who’s not a whore
        who is not a whore

        not whose. whose means ‘belonging to’

        What a stupid defensive reply. She is 38 years almost 39 – a hag by hollywood standards and her appearance is so ‘brownish’ hair eyes and skin as to be bland as oatmeal.

        her cocaine problem is well documented. get a life.

        you are stupid.

      • gratz you just won the internet

  3. No. No, she is not. She is attractive. No where near the most attractive. If you think she is, you’re just wrong.

  4. … except Ryan is CANADIAN.

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