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Sunday, March 29th, 2015

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Basketball Wives' Tami Roman Faces Lawsuit Over Hairy Business Venture

Basketball Wives star Tami Roman is being sued for the third time this year. First her former co star Meeka Claxton sued Roman for assault, last month her ex manager sued her for stiffing him out of 10% of her season three and four earnings. In the latest lawsuit, Tami is being sued by Constance Corleone, owner of Bella Dream Hair, for $500k. According to the suit obtain by TMZ, Constance was contacted by Tami’s rep to send over a few sample weaves. The products were sent over to Tami but shortly after Constance learned Tami was launching her own weave line, Curls By Roman. To top things, Constance claims Tami was wearing her product in the ad campaign for Curls By Roman.

Tami alluded to the suit on Twitter when she shared with her fans,

“Fraudulent people trying to take credit NOT.   People trying to take credit for this hair.   WTF they crazy.”


  1. watched last night’s BBW. Tami, I don’t know what Hood you come from but the hood I’m from everybody knows what it means when the authorities have been alerted. and anybody with any sense is not going down for the BS you just subjected us to. you really need help! quick! I woulda had your ass arrested! how old are you?! that’s a damned shame n d an embarassment to watch. AND Shaunie…..you meed to be held responsible for this buffoonery. how can you promote girl power and this show with a straight face?! neither of you have any class or dignity. MEMO – money. does not buy class! I won’t waste my time on Evelyn. she’s more trash that ask needs to be tossed. Suzie… you just straight need your ass kicked for talking so damned much. bunch od crazy low life trash. yes shaunie,you too!

  2. degenerates! who cares about being respected by a degenerate? ! yes shaunie you are a degenerate. you might be paid but you are still as classless as your co-horts. what world does Tami come from? Hood or ghetto is too good for her. I’m from the Hood and so are a lot of my friends. I would absolutely not associate with a any of these women.

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