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Sunday, April 19th, 2015

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Evelyn Lozada's In The Circle Party Did Not Include Jennifer Williams

Evelyn Lozada spent most of her week either celebrating her birthday or her Basketball Wives cast mate Shaunie O’Neal’s birthday. Lozada turned 36 this past weekend and was showered with lavish gifts mainly from her fiance Chad Ochocinco. Ev shared a few pictures of her new Maserati, her Hermes Birkin bag and her new Christian Louboutin shoes on Twitter. But the gifts certainly didn’t substitute for the party! Evelyn reportedly hired event planner Amaris Jones to host 15 to 20 of her closest friends at Chad’s Miami estate. The ladies are seen wearing a new shirt with the print ‘In the Circle’. This tit for tat is quickly wearing off but for the sake of keeping you posted: Jennifer Williams and Evelyn engaged in a heated back and fourth via Twitter recently. Ev tweeted:

“My circle of friends gets smaller and smaller & I love it. I don’t have time for part time fake friendships. Keep it moving!”

Jennifer later tweeted in a separate incident: “There are such things as REAL FRIENDS!!! Too many to name! Luv u all! #blessed”

Perhaps in retaliation to the back and fourth Evelyn decided to provide ‘In the Circle’ tees for her ‘real friends’. Sigh

Back to her party that Jennifer was not invited to, Lozada and her friends enjoyed dinner at Prime 112 and later partied at LIV nightclub. We’re sure everyone had a blast.

The Insider is just reporting that during Shaunie O’Neal’s birthday party last weekend, Jennifer and Evelyn who both attended but were not photographed together got into an altercation! Reportedly there was an intense verbal argument that resulted in Evelyn hitting Jenn over the head with her clutch – and yes – cameras were rolling.

With all this childish back and fourth it’s hard to believe these women were ever ‘real friends’. The madness will soon unfold in February when season four of Basketball Wives premiere.


  1. I see you guys already has woopy plugged in, smart move. Evelyn we have so much going on right no let’s not get into it with Jen. Yes we’ve seen some of the sly remarks she has made/tweeted Evelyn you have to excuse her and be the bigger person about this. Hell, it’s hard for us watching to figure out who Jen is to Infact, her ex once told her he don’t think she even knows who she is. Ev we beleive that the real problem is that Jen cannot handle the fact of you moving up the celebrity ladder faster and higher than her. You have so many stuff going for you right now, all those deals including the Novel/Movie deal which we know will be a huge success. Not to mention a great fiance showering you love and lavish gifts (we love him) Jens little mind probably thinks this should all be happening for her. We know it’s like an underlying jealousy that you’re to shame to deal with it happens alot to between people who calls each other friends. Ev, we want to be the smarter one in this case, no matter what nasty remarks she may continue to make. Did you watch the reality show called Khloe and Lamar? Did you see the way Khloe’s friend Malika just broke down and lash out at Khloe for a resaon she wasn’t even sure about. Khloe did not know what to make of this until her mother Chris Jenner explained everything the friendship also needed a little break. Also in this case you may also have to just let Jen go completely. Evelyn, our times are made up of times and seasons, this is also stated in the marriage wows, sometimes when our lives move on to the next phase/different level the season for that friendship is over, it was not meant for them to move on with us. Jennnifer just simply cannot go any further with that’s why all the friction, there’s no love lost Evelyn harbor no hate/bitterness towards her just let her go. Because we are just having to much fun on this train and have to much to look forward to. Jen there’s no hatred, we have nothing bad to say about you like you did our friend but it’s all good, But you’re season to be on this train has expired we wish you all the best!

    • U Wanna Jump Don't U...Then Jump! says:

      Re you Evelyn’s personal dumby cuz you telling her what she should and shouldn’t do!! These hoes get paid to get on national tv and be fake. She’s had it out with everyone on the show except Shaunie and that’s b/c Shaunie is the reason this chick gets paid. No one really cares if Jen and Ev are friends again b/c at the end of the day, THEY ARE ALL FAKE…from their hair to their boobs to their friendship…carry on

  2. U Wanna Jump Don't U...Then Jump! says:

    According to the picture, I guess Shaunie & Tami aren’t in “the circle” either cuz they damn sho are not in this pic…carry on Ev cuz you will do anything for a lil exposure

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