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Saturday, April 25th, 2015

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Laura Govan Shows Off Engagement Ring On Basketball Wives Reunion

Laura Govan lit up the stage on last night’s episode of Basketball Wives LA Reunion, but it wasn’t her sparkling personality that was shining. Laura wore a new piece of hand candy from her on again, off again NBA lover, Gilbert Arenas that left the audience gasping.

Although Monday’s episode ended with more of a fizzle than a sizzle–we expected a full-on, Basketball Wives blow-out, but got nothing more than the occasional scream and censored expletive–Laura’s ring did remain a topic of discussion as she confirmed her engagement to Arenas.

“Our relationship is on and off and on and off, and right now it’s on to stay.”

Let’s hope so, because a $1 million, 23-carat ring is certainly a hefty price for yo-yo love.

When recently interviewed by VIBE magazine, Laura said reuniting with the Orlando Magic guard wasn’t about staying together for the sake of their four children.

“That’s always a good thing, but I will say I actually like him. I like the person that he is. I don’t like the person that he is sometimes, but I like him for the most part. I will always love him and that’s hard to come by.”

Fingers crossed that her “like” for Arenas holds their relationship together, particularly given that trust hasn’t always been their strong suit. Gilbert allegedly ordered paternity tests for all four of his kids with Laura to be sure he is, indeed, their father.

Laura, who claims she’s let go of the past, said their relationship began to flourish once Gilbert continued to visit their children. “It had been a long time and then we saw each other. He came to see the kids and it was just on from there. We came to this place and it was on a different level. It was just growth and maturity.”

Laura also had some choice words for critics who’ve put her relationship on blast, pointing out that the problems she and Arenas had are no different from those found in most relationships. “People are like, ‘Oh, it’s dysfunctional,’ but the person who’s writing this sh*t and talking about it, their sh*t is dysfunctional too, it’s just that ours is shown. It’s like, let’s go see your world and what your sh*t is looking like, I bet you it’s raggedy too! But at the end of the day at least we support each other and we’re doing better than most couples so we keep it moving, that’s how I feel.”

A toast to Laura and Gilbert, with hopes that they accomplish something that Laura’s sister Gloria Govan has so far been unable to accomplish with her now ex fiancé and the father of her two children Matt Barnes: walking down the aisle to wedded bliss.

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