Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

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Kimsha Artest Fired From Basketball Wives LA; Artest Denies FB Post

Basketball Wives LA is one wife short after Kimsha Artest fired off on Shaunie O’Neal on Facebook. Ironically both Kimsha and Tanya Williams are missing from the cast picture and rumors surfaced that neither would be an integral part of the show. After the premiere episode, it was clear that Kimsha was a firecracker and reminded many of Miami fan favorite Tami Roman.

Fans quickly took notice by the third episode that Kimsha was missing. After a slew of posts from fans Kimsha took some time to reply…and it wasn’t pretty.

I’m getting asked a lot of questions. I ain’t got time for the bullsh*t. It is what the f*ck it is. Ya’ll need to take it to Ms Shaunie. I will keep my mouth zipped right now.

So now Shaunie has the power again? Shaunie herself stated she had nothing to do with choosing the cast for the Los Angeles wives, I find it hard to believe that she’s doing much to eliminate only certain members off the show – least of all Kimsha and Tanya. Apparently Kimsha didn’t get official notice she was fired when she later posted,

“i see they cut me off the show and left buckle a— b*tches. Shaunie oneal can kiss my a**, she kisses a** to that Evelyn b*tch and gets the b*tch who f*cked her husband and cut her a check but cant handle a real woman. FOH!”

Wow. People may say Shaunie is a mastermind but the true mastermind rarely gets a finger pointed its way….VH1.

Update: After the dust settled on the alleged FB post, Ron Artest defended Kimsha with his own post on Twitter claiming the FB page was fraud.

My wife is not [on] Facebook The media is reporting. She loves shaunie oneal and all the cast on basketball show. Don’t believe any negative comments you here about Kimsha Artest. She is happy to be working with viacom and vh1.

Kimsha Artest does not like drama so that’s why yal have not seen her on the show. She doesn’t want to be seen representing females falsely. @kimshaartest is happy on the show and is staying out of drama. Follow her here. She has no drama with shaunie or anyone….

Kimsha Artest on Facebook is fake. I will not post her real fb. But that one is fake!!

Things just got really interesting. So to clarify, Kimsha is not fired from Basketball Wives LA and she is attempting to salvage whatever relationship she has left with Shaunie – got it….I think.

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  1. […] Basketball Wives executive producer Shaunie O’Neal proved once again that she merely has a title with very little control. Last week we reported that Kimsha slammed Shaunie on Facebook claiming that Shuanie cut her from the show but kept Laura Govan – who reportedly slept with Shaq – though Laura has now repeatedly denied the claim. […]

  2. […] Update-Basketball Wives executive producer Shaunie O’Neal claims Kimsha Artest wasn’t fired from Basketball Wives LA. Quite frankly it’s a little hard to believe since Shaunie also admitted she wasn’t aware of the Los Angeles casting after the process had already began. Why would she now know who was or wasn’t fired? And she also admits she doesn’t care? In a nutshell Shaunie is telling Kimsha to take her issues up with VH1! […]

  3. […] Kimsha Artest has officially withdrew/quit Basketball Wives LA. The taping of the reality TV show is already completed but by the third episode airing many wondered “where’s Kimsha”. The straight talking partner to Ron Artest/Metta World Peace was sure to bring some level of drama to the show. Last week a scathing Facebook post slammed Shaunie for firing her from the show. Kimsha denied she was involved and states for the record she does not want to be associated with the women of Basketball Wives LA in an interview with Kevin Frazier’s Hip Hollywood. […]

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